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DigiTrax Entertainment Inc. is a music  technology company that participates in the music industry, by creating, licensing and streaming, audio-visual content for Apps, Games, TV, Film, Animation, Karaoke, and Education Markets Globally.

We are an innovative

global technology

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passion for music.

DigiTrax Entertainment is America's premier interactive media company, bringing karaoke music, apps and products to the web, mobile and social media. With a massive catalog of more than 18,000 songs featuring decades of the biggest hits in the music world, DTE is the only company based in the USA delivering licensed digital karaoke for streaming and download.

DigiTrax Entertainment (DTE)

has pursued a concentric diversification

strategy to achieve market verticality.


    Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, SoKnox Studios is where we record, produce, mix and master our catalog of 18,000+ note-perfect song reproductions and video animations. These state-of-the-art studios combine the top-notch technical skills of our personnel with the latest in music and animation software and hardware to produce and distribute recordings that rival the best audio and video in the music business.


    We built the smartest music brain ever. Based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, The Music Builder can write an infinite number of songs in any style. You can feed it any ideas, and it will create as many new songs based on those ideas as you want or need. It’s like having a world-class composer sitting right next to you, helping you create music, instantly, in real time. The Music Builder is such a powerful composing partner, the artist will save huge amounts of time during the writing process, and never run out of fresh ideas.


    With an immense catalog of note-perfect song reproductions, Karaoke Cloud offers singers the chance at their turn in the spotlight. Singers use the consumer Karaoke Cloud app, built for web, iOS, Android and AppleTV to perform their favorite tunes at home or anywhere they take their mobile device. Professional karaoke show presenters use Karaoke Cloud Pro built right into their presentation software to provide their customers with fantastic nights of entertainment, on-demand and hassle-free.


    Kindergarten is the new first grade. Children are now expected to know letter names, letter sounds, upper and lower case and how to write letters before they arrive for their first day in school. Sing and Spell is a video learning system that entertains children with music and animation while teaching them critical skills. Featuring music written by Mark Radice, a 3-time Grammy-nominated songwriter best known for his work with Sesame Street, Sing and Spell is the ideal way to teach children vital word and letter skills – while having fun!


    Clearing music licenses is an expensive, time-consuming process that can literally take years, a time-frame wholly unsuitable for the quick-turnaround, flavor-of-the-month game and app markets. Licensing roadblocks also keep companies from utilizing user-generated content involving the use of music in their apps, games and software. DTE offers faster and better pathways to securing the rights to use the music you need, when you need it, and can even supply sound-alike tracks when the original sound recording is unavailable or too expensive to license.


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